So, there has been lots going on here at Charwood Candle!

I thought I would let you in on a sneak peak of our "rough draft" of scents and color combinations.

* Apple Blossom - pink
* Beach Daisys - pink or red (possible double pour)
* Birds of Paradise - red, blue, purple or pink (will probably be the last poured)
* Shakespears' Dream (like Yankee MidSummers Night) - blue
* Mountain Man (like Yankee Mountain Lake) - blue
* Lilac- pink or purple (possible double pour)
* #9 (like Victorias Secret Love Spell) - pink, purple or red
* Reflections at Midnight (like Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path) - light purple or dark blue
* Botanical Orchard & Nectar - pink or purple
* Ocean - blue

There is still lots to do before opening day! I finally got the shop banner made. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm pretty surprised. Sam and I were collaborating on the color scheme and I started to make the business cards as well. Holy moly! I didn't realize that I'd gotten that much done this week! I know it doesn't really seem like that much, but, it's rather time consuming, and sometimes a bit frustrating. It seems like we're hardly even in the mood to work on things at the same time, so it ends up me doing a lot of the work, and then Sam coming in later and critiquing things, and then I fix or modify things when I'm in the mood, or I have time again. Sometimes it feels like a bit of a circle, but that's okay!

Next week, I have an appointment with a local photographer. She's going to give me some tips about taking good photographs of the products. I really appreciate it because she's doing this for free! She absolutely doesn't have to, and she's volunteering her time. Of course, she lives right up the street from me, and I'm pretty sure that she realizes that we will be using her for family pictures sometime hopefully in the near future!
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