Recently, from my personal blog, I had posted on another blog about how one of my new Years Goals was to get Charwood Candle off the ground and hopefully turn into something that is profitable and fun for the family. She gave me some really great websites to check out. One of those web sites happened to be of a very sweet lady. She, Allisa, has given me some sound advice and I'm inclined to take that advice. She's had her own Etsy shop (here) for a little while, and she has some fantastic products, you should really check her out!

One of the things that I was struggling with, was the fact that I was only going to be able to start out with ONE color. Therefor I had to find scents that would "match" that color and that people would like. Well, I've found a work around folks! I will still be able to get the same amount of supplies, plus an extra color, for almost the exact same price! So! That means that I can get 2 primary colors that will mix to make a secondary color and have a whole lot more scent options! I noticed that people were asking for red, blue, and purple candles when I asked what colors they would pick. I couldn't narrow it down to just one of those 3, so, I picked red and blue! Now, I can have, red, blue, pink, and purple! How about that!

I think 2 of the 10 scents that we are going to start with are Lilac (which is Sams' favorite!) and Apple Blossom (which is Jacques' favorite!). The other 8 have yet to be picked out, but that's okay! It's progress, and that's what we're striving for! I'm still waiting for labels and a store front. Things are coming together tho!

I thought all of this was going to be easy, but, it turns out that it's really not! I still need to call the Chamber of Commerce and see about getting a business license as well! My goodness! Everything just seems like it's coming so quickly! I thought we had lots of time to get everything ready, but, it turns out that we really don't! Who knew!
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